Rainiers Sold To Local Ownership

In news that broke shortly after the Mariners’ game last night, it sounds as though the Tacoma Rainiers have finally been sold to a local ownership group.  The announcement comes just days before the start of the Rainiers’ 2011 season, and the day after a Fan Day unveiled the renovated Cheney Stadium to Rainiers fans.

The group, led by Tacoma businessman Mikal Thomsen, has reportedly been trying to buy the team for some time now.  Reports of an impending sale started during the offseason, and it hasn’t been much of a secret that the old ownership group, headlined by celebrity Nick Lachey, has been trying to figure out what to do with the team for some time.  They originally bought the team in 2006.

Thomsen was part of the ownership group that sold the Seattle SuperSonics in 2006 to a group led by Clay Bennett, who moved the team to Oklahoma City two years later.

Terms of the sale are currently unknown.


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