Welcome To Mariners Farm Review

Welcome to Mariners Farm Review, a new site dedicated to bringing you as comprehensive coverage of the Seattle Mariners’ minor league system as we possibly can.

I’m not one for terribly long introductions, so hit the jump and I’ll tell you what we’ll be doing here:  

Minor League News And Notes: As news breaks within the Seattle Mariners system, we’ll bring it to you, along with our thoughts on what’s happened.  Transactions, injuries, staff changes, stories surrounding the teams, you name it, we’ll bring it to you.

Player Evaluations: No site that covers the minor leagues is complete without prospect information, and MFR will be no exception.  We’ll have scouting reports, organizational and positional rankings, note players to keep an eye on, and update their information throughout the season.  We’ll even bring you notes on non-Mariners prospects from time when we get to see notable or interesting prospects from other organizations.

Team Updates: Every week during the season, we’ll update you on how each team in the organization is doing.  We’ll tell you how they performed since the last update, what players are hot, what players are cold, and what players have moved up or down between levels.

Game Reports: When we go to a game, you’ll read about it.  We’ll tell you what happened, how it happened, give you info on notable players, the works.

Pictures And Video: This section will start off a little slower than the others as we build our library, but we’ll be getting you as much in the way of visual coverage of the organization as we can.  Most of the video will be used to help aide the prospect analysis side of the site, helping the reader better see and understand the things we’re talking about when discussing a player.

One other note: as the site currently does not have much in the way of financial backing, we’re going to be very dependent on our readers to help us out for the time being.  There’s a lot of changes and acquisitions to fund in order to help out the site’s content, as well as improvements to the site itself.  Also, going to games isn’t cheap; even when we can get press box access, there’s still the cost of gas to get to and from the stadium to consider.  We’re working on setting up a PayPal donation service (WordPress is not making it as easy as it should be), but in the meantime if you wish to help out, e-mail us and we’ll give you the needed information.

So thanks for coming by to Mariners Farm Review, and we hope you return as we build a new tradition in M’s farm coverage!


3 responses to “Welcome To Mariners Farm Review


  2. Awesome! Can’t wait to follow the Mariner’s prospects more closely.

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