Jackson Generals 2011 Opening Day Roster

The 2010 season was something of a transitory one for the West Tennessee DiamondJaxx, as only three position players and five pitchers were full-season contributors to the team due to transactions and injuries galore.  They saw a number of early season contributors shuffle around, many heading up to AAA Tacoma, with a handful of their struggling players shipping down to High Desert.

The DiamondJaxx made the playoffs regardless, and despite their first-round exit, the 2011 season looks like a very interesting one indeed with a new crop of promising prospects inbound, and a new team name: the Jackson Generals.

Final 2010 Record: 73-66, lost in first round of playoffs
2010 Batting Leaders:
Carlos Peguero 23 HR | Alex Liddi 92 RBI, .281 BA
2010 Pitching Leaders:
Michael Pineda 8 W, 2.22 ERA
Mauricio Robles 120 K’s

Pitchers (12): Andrew Carraway, Josh Fields, Jarrett Grube, Steven Hensley, Moises Hernandez, Kenn Kasparek, Bobby LaFromboise, Brian Moran, Scott Patterson, Stephen Penney, Erasmo Ramirez, Anthony Vasquez

Catchers (2): Brandon Bantz, Jose Yepez

Infielders (5): Johan Limonta, Rich Poythress, Scott Savastrano, Kyle Seager, Carlos Triunfel

Outfielders (5): Johermyn Chavez, Brandon Haveman, James McOwen, Jake Shaffer, Nate Tenbrink

DL: Nick Hill (LHP), Donald Hume (LHP), Stephen Kahn (RHP), Edilio Colina (3B), Luis Jimenez (1B), Joseph Dunigan (1B/OF), Kuo Hui Lo (OF), Eddy Martinez-Esteve (OF)

Notable Prospects: Rich Poythress (1B), Johermyn Chavez (OF), Kyle Seager (2B), Nate Tenbrink (IF/OF), Carlos Triunfel (SS),  Anthony Vasquez (LHP), Erasmo Ramirez (RHP)

Other Players To Watch: Steven Hensley (RHP), Brian Moran (LHP), James McOwen (OF), Josh Fields (RHP), Nick Hill (LHP)

Outlook: This is a very interesting squad for Jackson to turn out.  Chavez and Poythress are facing a challenge, hoping to replicate the success they saw in hitter-friendly High Desert in the much more difficult venue of the AA Southern League.  If they can even approach their 2010 numbers, that will go a long ways to further legitimizing their prospect status.

Seager is in a similar boat as Chavez and Poythress, but he also has to prove some defensive chops as well.  Don’t be shocked if the team moves him around the infield a little bit to help build up his defensive utility.  Triunfel is repeating AA and needs to prove that he can produce in a hurry, or the last of the shine is going to come off his prospect status.

Tenbrink is also returning to Jackson after spending half of his 2010 season there.  He needs to prove that he can stay consistent with the bat, and show improvement with his glove at the various positions that he plays.  If he starts well, Tenbrink could be the first position player on the squad to get a call up to AAA Tacoma.

On the pitching side of things, Vasquez heads the Jackson rotation up again, after finishing his season with a strong six starts with the team.  He’s looking to continue his quick ascent through the system that he kicked off last season, and will likely be given every opportunity to do just that.  Ramirez is being challenged by skipping High Desert, but that might prove to be beneficial for him, as not many pitchers survive that hostile environment well.

There are a number of other interesting arms in Jackson with Vasquez and Ramirez.  Fields and Hill are trying to rebuild their prospect status after 2010 treated them poorly.  Hensley also took something of a step back last season, and is looking to try and rebound strongly.  Moran has been impressive in relief over the last two years, and is trying to figure his way in to the organization’s bullpen plans in the near future.


3 responses to “Jackson Generals 2011 Opening Day Roster

  1. Poythress, Triunfel and Chavez on the same field makes this an interesting team to watch. Not interesting enough to get me to fly out to Tennessee, though.

    • The distance does make it challenging, doesn’t it? I’d love to take some kind of summer trip around all the affiliates, but sadly don’t have near the cash to do so…

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