MFR Commenting Policy

I’ve gotten a couple of emails about our commenting policy, and why comments don’t show up right away.  To the first, I direct you to our Commenting Guidelines page.  The second answer is contained in there as well, but I’ll explain further here as well.

Using the current commenting system (the stock WordPress commenting utility), the decision has been made to make the first comment left by a user be approved by a site administrator.  This is to help cut down on spammers and abusive comments, neither of which are things that we want to see around here.

When you make your first comment, and email goes out asking for administrator approval.  If one is around their computer, your approval should come pretty quickly.  If not, you might have to be a little bit patient.  Once your first comment has been approved, however, you shouldn’t have to go through that process again.

So, go forth and comment!

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