Expectations And Predictions

With the minor league season finally here, prospect writers around the country are unveiling their expectations for teams and players for the 2011 season.  I’ll be unveiling my own predictions and thoughts for each team next week to pair with the team previews I’ve already done, but in the meantime, I want to see what you guys think.

So tell me: how do you think each team is going to do?  Who do you think is going to break out?  What prospect is going to fade away?  Who do you think might suddenly jump a few levels?

Hit the comments below to discuss.  Notable entries will be included in the pieces going up next week!


One response to “Expectations And Predictions

  1. Morban, Raben, Littlewood, & Jones are the breakout bats IMO. Jones has already appeared on lists & is going to post numbers in High Desert. Raben really already posted numbers last year but in half a season, if he does it for a full season all the sudden he’ll get lots of recognition. Raben also turned it on in High Desert after shaking off the rust from missing all of 2009 by scuffling a bit in Clinton. Morban & Littlewood are advanced for their age (both are 19). They’ll likely join High Desert down the stretch & post silly numbers there to close out the season.

    Maurer, Mieses, Fields, & Pryor are the breakout pitchers IMO. Maurer & Mieses have the stuff to excel in the MWL coming out of relative obscurity. Fields & Pryor, if healthy, are fast track relievers who will motor through the system & likely end up in AAA after the big league club moves some relievers at the trade deadline.

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