Organizational Depth Charts

I’d been planning on waiting a week or so before unveiling this, but given yesterday’s injuries, it seemed a bit more urgent.

One of the features we’ll have here at Mariner Farm Review is an Organizational Depth Chart.  While not any real kind of prospect listing or ranking, what the ODC is aimed at doing is to give you an at-a-glance reference at how the Mariners’ depth shakes out at each position past the major-league level.  Basically, look at it as a resource to answer the question “if x player gets hurt and the M’s go within the organization to replace him, who will they choose?”

The ODC is not a firm “this is how it’ll go down” listing.  Instead, it’s based on my own analysis and instincts right now.  As time progresses, the list will be constantly updated; transactions, player performance, and new information will all factor in to how it shapes up.  With each update (which should be noted in a relevant post the day the update occurs), there will also be an indication of what changed, and often why the change occurred.

So, enjoy this new resource.  Feedback is, as always, much appreciated.


One response to “Organizational Depth Charts

  1. Cool feature, thanks for doing that.

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