Interesting Starts: Tacoma

It’s been a brutal start to the season in Tacoma, with hitters slumping all over the place and most of the pitching staff not faring much better.  There haven’t been many highlights to the season for the Rainiers so far, and a lot of guys will have to start getting things right before the team on a whole will be able to find success.  Still, there’s been a handful of guys who are putting up good numbers early on, and now I give them to you.

Mike Carp, 1B/OF
Stat Line: .250/.341/.421, 19 H, 4 2B, 3 HR, 9 BB, 19 K’s
Carp was one of many Rainiers batters off to a horrifically brutal start to the 2011 season, but has turned it around strongly in the last week or so.  Carp was one of Tacoma’s best hitters last year in a rather pleasantly surprising fashion, and it was hoped that he could help lead the team again while waiting for a chance to return to the major leagues.  A slow start after a tepid spring training did not do much to engender confidence, however.  

One of the things that gave Carp success in 2010 was a complete overhaul of his swing.  Where it had been a contact-oriented line drive swing before, he tore it town and built up a much harder, more powerful swing with impressive bat speed.  It took Carp awhile to adjust to the new swing in 2010, and it sounds as though he made a few more adjustments during the offseason in order to improve the consistency of the swing.  If the streak he’s been on for the last week is any indicator, the adjustments are working.

Carlos Peguero, OF
Stat Line: .295/.358/.459, 18 H, 4 2B, 2 HR, 6 BB, 14 K’s
Peguero got off to a good enough start for Tacoma that he was called up to Seattle for a week when Justin Smoak  had to go on the bereavement list.  While he scuffled during his time with the Mariners, the trip served to confirm that he has the eye of manager Eric Wedge, and that further success at AAA will only lead to more major league playing time for the big slugger.

Peguero picked up where he left off when he went back to Tacoma, and now has a five-game hitting streak to his name, something that hasn’t been all that common during his career.  It was actually expected that he would struggle to start the season after being promoted to AAA before many had felt that he was ready to, as most of his 2010 season in AA was a struggle after his hot start.  Peguero has been doing little but prove his doubters wrong, however, and i’s hoped that he can keep this up instead of fading away like he did last year.

Chris Seddon, LHP
Stat Line: 4 GS, 23 2/3 IP, 19 H, 7 R (6 ER), 2 HR, 17 K’s, 10 BB
Seddon is enjoying what is probably the best start to his career so far, including a long scoreless inning streak that lasted in to his third start.  Unfortunately, the Rainiers’ faltering offense means that he has yet to earn a win, but those will come if he can keep this run of pitching up.  While Seddon’s probably never going to be a household name in the majors, he’s still a good guy and someone that’s not hard to root for at all.

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