Commenting Guidelines

At Mariners Farm Review, we wish to encourage a healthy and engaging commenting environment, and hope to see many great discussions in the future.  In order to help that, we ask our readers to follow some simple rules :

1.) Your first comment must be approved by a site administrator.  If it doesn’t show up quickly, that just means one isn’t currently available to see the email and approve the comment; just be patient and you should be fine relatively soon.  This is to help avoid spam comments.  Afterwards, you’re free to comment at will.

2.) Rule of thumb: if something you type out seems questionable at all, trust your instincts and don’t post it.

3.) Be respectful.

4.) No political/religious discussions.  “Colorful” language is permitted to a point, but do not go overboard.

5.) If a writer or administrator requests that a particular comment conversation (or “subthread”) ends, for whatever reason, end it immediately and without question.

MFR’s administration reserves the right to enforce these and any other guidelines as they see fit.

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