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Mariners Top 20 Prospects: Twenty To Track

Top 20 Prospects Home

This is not the number two prospect you expected to see today.  That will instead come on Monday (hooray suspense!).  Today, I decided to put up a watchlist of twenty guys that I’m keeping tabs on this summer, any of whom could jump in to the top 20 next year depending on how they perform.

It needs to be noted that these guys are listed in no particular order.  The only sorting of any kind to this list is who I thought of first.  Not all of them are full-on legit prospects, but they could at least be fringe major league talents or useful pieces if things fall right for them.

James Paxton, LHP: Continue reading

Interesting Starts: Tacoma

It’s been a brutal start to the season in Tacoma, with hitters slumping all over the place and most of the pitching staff not faring much better.  There haven’t been many highlights to the season for the Rainiers so far, and a lot of guys will have to start getting things right before the team on a whole will be able to find success.  Still, there’s been a handful of guys who are putting up good numbers early on, and now I give them to you.

Mike Carp, 1B/OF
Stat Line: .250/.341/.421, 19 H, 4 2B, 3 HR, 9 BB, 19 K’s
Carp was one of many Rainiers batters off to a horrifically brutal start to the 2011 season, but has turned it around strongly in the last week or so.  Carp was one of Tacoma’s best hitters last year in a rather pleasantly surprising fashion, and it was hoped that he could help lead the team again while waiting for a chance to return to the major leagues.  A slow start after a tepid spring training did not do much to engender confidence, however.   Continue reading

Catching Up

So, as I said on Saturday, things have been more than a little hectic for me this week.  I’ve had some family issues to attend to, and haven’t had a lot of time at home to write.  I’ve been keeping up on the news as best I can, however, and finally got some time to sit down and write it all out for you (albeit at the cost of sleep, but hey, I love my readers).

First and foremost, my sincerest condolences to Justin Smoak and his family after his father, Kevin, passed away from cancer at the far-too-young age of 57 on Tuesday.  Justin had been placed on the bereavement list earlier that day so that he could be with his father, and it sounds like he did manage to get there in time.  I wish Justin and his family the best I possibly can in this difficult time.

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Tacoma Rainiers 2011 Outlook

Opening Day Roster

With several prospects who are either on the cusp of the majors or in a “prove it or lose it” stage of their career plus a few “AAAA” type players, the Rainiers almost have to be an early favorite to challenge for the PCL title again in 2011.  That isn’t to say they’ll have an easy road at it; the PCL looks like it should be very, very good this year.

Still, even if they fall short, the Rainiers should provide plenty of entertainment and quality minor league baseball for their fans in the first season of the new Cheney Stadium.

Prospects To Watch: