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Mariners Top 20 Prospects: Twenty To Track

Top 20 Prospects Home

This is not the number two prospect you expected to see today.  That will instead come on Monday (hooray suspense!).  Today, I decided to put up a watchlist of twenty guys that I’m keeping tabs on this summer, any of whom could jump in to the top 20 next year depending on how they perform.

It needs to be noted that these guys are listed in no particular order.  The only sorting of any kind to this list is who I thought of first.  Not all of them are full-on legit prospects, but they could at least be fringe major league talents or useful pieces if things fall right for them.

James Paxton, LHP: Continue reading

High Desert Mavericks 2011 Outlook

Opening Day Roster

High Desert, and the California League in general, is always tough to judge because it’s a frankly ludicrous offensive environment.  The high altitude, dry air, and frequently mediocre pitchers combine to dramatically inflate the numbers that batter put out, and make even the few good pitchers that get assigned there looks far inferior to what they are.  I’ll be writing a fuller post on this in the near future; in the meantime, let’s see how things look for the Mavericks in 2011.

Prospects To Watch: