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Revisiting The Cliff Lee Trade: The Secondary Players

We go back to July 9th, 2010. Mariners fans wake up to flurries of rumors that the Yankees have made a strong offer for  pitcher Cliff Lee centered around top hitting prospect Jesus Montero.  Details start to emerge, and indications are that the Mariners are going to accept the offer… until news comes out that the M’s have declined the offer because one of the players the Yankees would be sending to Seattle has a medical issue that they’re concerned about.

From there, things got a little nuts.  Rumors fly of other teams getting involved, and of the Yankees changing their offer.  Eventually, the dust settles, and the Rangers stood atop the pile, having snagged Lee and reliever Mark Lowe from Seattle in exchange for four prospects.  We all know the rest of the story from there, but the question is this: did the Mariners make the right call?

To help figure that out, we’ll look at the secondary pieces.  In this first part, we’ll look at the more secondary players in the trade: Continue reading