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Minor League Week Three Review

I’ve neglected to mention this until now, but it needs to be said: my sincerest condolences to all of those effected by the severe storms that have been lashing the southeastern stretch of the country.  There’s been much loss of life, and many people have had their homes and businesses destroyed by tornadoes and high winds.

Tacoma Rainiers (6-15)
Streak: Lost 1
Opponents: 1 vs Colorado Springs (COL),
4 @ Salt Lake (LAA), 1 @ Reno (ARI)
Notes: A 2-4 week and the Rainiers are really scuffling, though the offense has started to come around the last few days.  The pitching, on the other hand, has done little but struggle of late, and the defense has as well, posting a shocking 11 errors for the week.   Continue reading

Minor League Week Two Review

Remember how I said last week wasn’t a very good week for the M’s minor league system? Yeah, neither was this week.

Tacoma Rainiers (4-11)
Streak: Lost 1
Opponents: 4 vs Sacramento (OAK), 3 vs Colorado Springs (COL)
Notes: The Rainiers went 1-6 on the week, and were outscored by a whopping 41-21 over those seven games, thanks in large part to a crushing 13-1 loss at the hands of the Colorado Springs Sky Sox last night.  Carlos Peguero’s callup took what little wind was in the Rainiers’ sails at the plate, and the pitching was rough, at best, giving up runs in every game during the week.  Even Chris Seddon wasn’t immune, having his scoreless inning streak snapped and taking the loss on Tuesday.   Continue reading