About Mariners Farm Review

Mariners Farm Review is a site dedicated to watching, analyzing, and reporting on the minor league system of the Seattle Mariners.  Working all the way through the system, we seek to give our readers the most in-depth information as we can, helping to educate Mariners fans everywhere and thus help to improve the fan experience in general.

We use a mix of scouting eye and advanced statistics in our analysis, trying to find the best of both worlds.  While some baseball traditionalists shun some of the newer metrics available, we find them to be a very useful complement to the things we see in the game as a tool to help explain how things are happening on the field.  They can help show what a player is doing well in, what they need to improve, how much of their results come from luck, and can even help compare two ballplayers who have completely different skillsets.

About the writers:

Conor Dowley is not a stranger to the blogging world.  He’s most recently been seen contributing at Pro Ball Northwest and at Section 331, and several years ago was one of the lead writers at the now-defunct ProFootballDraft.com.  Conor has been around sports for basically his entire life, and prospect scouting of various forms has been a passion of his for almost as long.  You can find him at twitter as well, using the username @c_dowley.


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