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Prospect Q&A: Kevin Rivers

As this is a website that focuses on the minor league system of the Seattle Mariners, I felt it would be a good idea to help familiarize you with some of the players in the organization.  By that, I don’t just mean with them as prospects, players, and stat lines.  I mean as who they are, both on and off the field.

To do that, I’ll be doing interviews with some of the players as I can.  The first in this series, done with current Clinton OF Kevin Rivers, was originally done about two months ago, so some of the information is pre-Spring Training.  I’m currently working on lining up some more, so hopefully will have new ones for you soon.

Kevin was one of the leaders of the 2010 NWL Champion Everett AquaSox, enjoying good success at the plate as well as helping his team-mates out away from it.  It was common to see him taking guys aside during BP and between innings and giving them pointers for one thing or another, and on Opening Day this year he was seen working as the LumberKings’ first base coach as their manager was away for a personal reason.  If his playing career doesn’t work out, don’t be surprised at all if Kevin pops up as a coach or manager somewhere.

Conor Dowley (MFR): Thanks for joining us, Kevin. Still enjoying the afterglow of winning the Northwest League title last year?   Continue reading